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The Wellness Recovery Action Plan, or WRAP, by Mary Ellen Copeland (www.mentalhealthrecovery.com) is an evidence-based self management system that is used worldwide by people who are dealing with mental health and other kinds of health challenges, and by people who want to attain the highest level of wellness.

It was developed by a group of people who have lived experience of mental health difficulties; people who were searching for ways to resolve trauma and issues that had been troubling them for a long time.

WRAP involves listing your personal resources, your Wellness Tools, and then using those resources to develop Action Plans to use in specific situations which are determined by you. WRAP is adaptable to any situation. WRAP also includes a Crisis Plan and a Post Crisis Plan.

WRAP awareness raising and training emerged in England over a decade ago and was galvanized and fortified by the National Department of Health’s Care Services Improvement Partnership Recovery Programme in England. Mental Health Recovery and WRAP Educator ‘Training the Trainers’ Facilitator Learning Programme then enabled the first uptake of the programme in Scotland, which was followed by work in Wales and Ireland.


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