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WRAP Research

“Evaluation of mental health recovery and Wellness Recovery Action Planning Education in Ireland concluded that providing mental health practitioners and people with personal experience of mental health problems with a systematic education and training in recovery principles using the Wellness Recovery Action Planning approach leads to positive changes in people’s knowledge skills and attitudes towards recovery.

“One of the key elements contributing to the success of this programme was the facilitators’ knowledge of the area of recovery and WRAP and their ability to create a non judgemental, supporting and facilitative learning environment that enabled participants to actively engage with learning and transform their world views.

“In presenting a similar programme, future facilitators need to be adequately prepared for their role, otherwise the potential of recovery and WRAP education may be lost, with it becoming just another tool that is integrated within what appears to many people as the benign paternalistic and illness oriented paradigm of current mental health care.”
—Professor Agnes Higgins, Trinity College, Dublin, 2012.

Wellness Recovery Action Plan Roll Out East Midlands Impact evaluation findings concluded:
“WRAP represents value for public money as it is a low cost investment with a high positive impact on mental health. The findings of this project proved independent of the participant involved, which implies that they can be used for groups of individuals other than those of the Black Asian and Minority Ethnic communities.”
—Martha Vahl, Research Consultant and Evaluation Research Associate, Community Development Foundation, 2011.

Liberating the NHS: Legislative framework and next steps (Department of Health, 2010), presented to Parliament by the Secretary of State for Health by Command of Her Majesty in December 2010, reported:
“Sefton Recovery Group Network said that: ‘the public need to be equipped with the tools and skills to self manage their lives’.”

WRAP is ‘tipping’ new levels of interest and consciousness, thanks, in part, to enthusiastic accounts from throughout the WRAP community. The number of people who want to self manage continues to grow, helping to improve self management coverage and patient choice. Many people have said this work has saved their life with an annuity of value year on year.

Some of the most important innovation involves the creation and embedding of new patterns of behaviour. WRAP creates a new script for self managed health care and life, and its low cost and high impact is likely to be critical to future productivity gains in public services.


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