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Whoever attends are the ‘right’ people: we need people who care to get this done.

There is no ‘they’, there is only ‘us’. The key word is participatory: ‘all are the helper and the helped’.

“People who attend un conference are no mere ‘attendees’ but rather active participants in every sense of the word: they create the community, the open source interaction, the facilitation, the performance, the art, they complete the work, and ultimately the ‘experience’. Participation is at the core of un conference and there are many ways to participate.”

If possible please bring your own rig (i.e. flipchart stand, flipchart pad, pens, laptop, screen, projector, extension lead, etc.).

All session reports will be compiled in a proceedings document (on site on the day). All of the evidence, ideas, recommendations, and discussions will be documented in a report and forwarded to the Department of Health by 26th September 2012.

Who needs to be here?

We warmly welcome people of all ages and from all walks of life both inside and outside of health, social care and public health. This includes ‘People in Recovery’; newly formed Clinical Commissioning Groups (go live 2013/14); National Department of Health; NHS Foundation Trusts; Local Government Association and Local Authorities; Health and Wellbeing Boards; Politicians; Policy Makers; Participants of WRAP training programmes; Mental Health Recovery and WRAP Educator ‘Training The Trainer’s’ Facilitator Learning Programme Participants; innovators; early adopters of WRAP; creators; software enthusiasts; economists; ‘the public’.


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